About the project

‘Africans in Asia. China and Malaysia as the new destinations for Nigerian migration’ is a research project (2013-2016), sponsored by the National Science Centre, Poland and affiliated with the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. The project was initiated by Dr. Malwina Bakalarska. This research aims to explore and evaluate reasons, processes and results of short-term educational migrations of Nigerian students into Malaysia and China. Cultural and sociological aspects exposed in this research will complement the political and economic background of current Asian-African relations.

Travel and Visit

The research project has taken us to different locations across Asia and Africa to capture the contemporary migration trend of Africans to Asia.

Focus Group Meetings

With this, we provide open-end questions to small groups which enable us collect real-time and valid revelations as well as opinions from Africans living in Asia.


Our interviews gives more understanding in terms of gaining insights and obtaining information concerning the perspective of the individual African migrant experience.


Here we have got a lot to converse, and are sometimes presented with facts already known to us but backed up with much more elaborate and detailed explanations.


This aspect of the project implementation phase allows the properly outlining and illustration of our project managerial methods in accordance to its execution at different stages.


Enables fair and workable project phases, eradicate anomalies from capturing the research aim and reviews what has been achieved over time.

Group Meetings

Leading Institution




NIGERIANS in China- a documentary

Watch: ‘A special documentary on Nigerians in China’ For over 40 years Nigeria and the Peoples Republic of China have co-existed in diplomatic harmony. Since the establishment of formal diplomatic relations in February 1971. Nigeria has been an important source of petroleum for China’s rapidly growing economy while on the other hand Nigeria looks to […]

ICAS 2015, Ghana

The Africans in Asia Project would be discussed today, 24 September 2015 at the International Conference “AFRICA-ASIA” during a paper presentation. Dr. Malwina Bakalarska would present the Africans in Asia project and illustrate two types of Nigerian students migration to South – East Asia. One type can be defined as independent in economic terms – […]

Nigerian students at Chinese Universities

Between June 9th and July 20th 2015, second phase of the research project “Africans In Asia” was accomplished. We conducted in-depth research among Nigerian students in China. For that purpose, almost 60 interviews were carried out at 16 academic centres in 9 locations: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing. Research, […]

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