Nigerian students in Malaysia

In February 2014, during one month in Malaysia we have visited 4 universities. Two of them were in the capital – Kuala Lumpur (one public and one private), one university in Sintok in the far north of the country and one on Penang Island located in the west-north part of Malaysian Peninsula. Altogether 46 students were interviewed and 1 Nigerian lecturer employed at a local university. We gathered 6 Focus Groups (with 23 students) and 24 Individual Semi-Structured Interviews. In Nigeria there are 3 main ethnic groups – Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo. The informants represent majority of this ethnic relation. We have had interviewed 21 Yoruba students (7 females, 14 males), 19 Hausa-Fulani (2 females, 17 males), 4 Ibo students (all male) and 3 male from other ethnic groups, Niger Delta minorities. 29 informants were Muslims and 18 were Christians with different denomination (mostly Pentecostal). More details on the research outcome will be published in Acta Asiatica Varsoviensia at the end of 2015.

University of Malaya – Nigerian students make up 3% of the entire group of foreign students.

Mr. Ahmad Maigemu, Ph.D. student